village care

caring for you

If Heather Hills is the soul, then Village Care is the heart. Our Village Care Team has earned a tremendous reputation for the care they provide. Village Care is available 24 hours a day. Whether we are answering your questions, passing medications, or providing care, we are here for you. We provide scheduled care, based on your personal care plan, and we are here for you when you push your pendant for just a friendly smile. We are here because we care and because we develop real relationships that are based on love and trust. We are here so you can live comfortably and confidently.

levels of care

The level of care plan is flexible and personalized to each resident. Our residents can be confident that we will work with you throughout your stay. We meet regularly with our residents and care team so that your individual needs are met.

Level 1 Care $800

Level 2 Care $1,600

Level 3 Care $2,400

Level 4 Care $3,200

*Prices are determined with a care conference



Wellness Checks



Record Keeping

Emergency Response

Onsite Physician